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Universal Washroom

Commercial Access Control System

Under Ontario Building Code (OBC) has been revised and updated public washroom laws as per the society needs. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was added and it aims to remove any barriers or restrictions that people with disabilities face, with the goal of making Ontario accessible to everyone by 2025. The AODA standards became law in 2015, and by 2025, all organizations must comply with this new set of guidelines.


Is AODA Applicable To Me?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you are subject to the AODA. You may check

Do you offer goods, services, or facilities?

Do you provide lodging?

Do you own a building or premise that others use?

Do you hire any people from Ontario

To comply with the act, you should improve your handicap washroom facilities and install universal washrooms in the building.

What Conditions Must I Satisfy?

  • All public access corridors must have highly visible fire alarms, and all smoke alarms in residential situations must also be visible.

  • Elevators or otherwise barrier-free access should be provided between stories in every building.

  • At a variety of structures, automatic or power door operators are available.

  • Everyone has easy access to swimming pools, spas, and other places.

  • Public seating areas with easy access in theatres, town halls, and places of worship

  • Barrier-free washrooms and toilet facilities.


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The size of the building you possess or what your future intentions are for the building you own or manage will all depend on this. These specifications must be kept in mind when constructing new structures, and this will be reflected in the blueprints and design. If you own or oversee a facility that is preparing for significant renovations, you must take these new standards into account. Anything bigger than 300 square feet is considered a major renovation. You shouldn’t worry about following these rules if the building is not having any repairs or if the modifications are smaller than 300 square feet.

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What Is Universal Washroom?

Installing universal washrooms is one of the requirements in the new guidelines. These things include:

  • Washrooms should be placed on a path of passage that is barrier-free, and this path must fulfil specifications for turning room, doorway and corridor widths, grab bars, and universal bathroom signs / signage.

  • Power-operated doors should be available at all restroom entries.

  • Mounting height for soap dispensers, sinks, and towel dispensers so that anybody can access them.

  • Grab bars that may be used on either side of the room by folding up or down.

  • An l-shaped grab bar so that people may use these to sit up and down.

  • Clear floor area of a large enough size and dimension that people with wheeled mobility devices can turn around well. mobility devices can turn around well.


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Universal Washroom

A universal whashroom is an enclosed space with a barrier free toilet sink


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