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Intercom System

Commercial Access Control System

Install the most secure commercial intercom entry system with door release from the best integrated security company UTS Group in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec. Be it a standalone store, a large residential or commercial building, the intercom system installation can maintain proper security and improve two-way communication with your visitors. Intercom systems is available in audio and commercial video transmissions to let you enjoy some advantages of having it installed, example verify the identity of the visitors. Incorporated with state-of-the-art technology, a range of intercom systems including wireless and wired systems, simple audio-only intercom systems and complex audio-video intercom systems are offered to you to meet different commercial and multi-residential needs.

Select From The Different Types Of Intercom Systems

Based on the Types of Intercoms you can select what could be the best for your premises.


Audio Intercom Systems

  • Suitable for Multi-Unit Buildings

  • Can be Integrated with Mobile Apps

  • Low Cost

  • Simple and Reliable


Audio Video Intercom Systems

  • High-Definition Image to Vertify Visitors' Identities

  • Flexible - Cameras can be Adjusted to Different Angles

  • Can be Integrated with Mobile Apps

  • High Level of Security

  • Available in Wired-in, Wireless, Cloud-based and IP Intercom

Select From The Different Types Of Intercom Systems

Based on the Types of Intercoms you can select what could be the best for your premises.

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Cload-base Intercoms

Unlimited storage of data. easy to store and access data remotely. Flexible - you can change the condition of access permission and entry logs anytime and anywhere cost-effective.

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Wrieless Intercoms

Fast and easy to install and maintain. Low cost. No need to install kinds of buildings. can be integrated with different systems.

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IP Intercom

Convenient to manage. Assign multiple users to grant accesss. Easy to install by integrating your existing bussiness IP infrastructure. Suitable for diffrent models of business and organizations.

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Wired Intercom

Dependable and high level of safety. Excludes possible interference from other nearby systems. Suitable for building in which Wi-Fi bad or signal is weak.

Types Of Intercom Systems

Beyk Automatic Door are consistent with best door intercom repair solutions for buildings and apartments. A business intercom comes with a HD wide angle camera and a night vision camera which is perfect for any multi-tenant space. It can vary from residential space to commercial spaces. Let’s quickly go through some types of the intercom systems provided by us for integration in your commercial premises

Major Components Of Intercom Systems

Intercom Buzzer

Commercial Video Cameras

Smart Phone App

Wireless System


Base Satation