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Automatic Doors

Commercial Access Control System

We have a wide range of automatic doors such as sliding doors, swinging doors, folding doors, revolving doors, and handicap automatic doors with the best-suited variety of designs and shapes. We customize the automatic doors according to your unique demand and budget. Commercial Industries widely use automatic doors. Automatic doors modernize the entrance of your building and provide convenience and hassle-free access to your premises. According to AODA compliance, automatic doors are required in newly constructed buildings. This is a huge step for making all buildings accessible to people with limited mobility.

Select From The Wide Range Of Automatic Doors

We have a variety of automatic doors to suit your business. Check out which automatic doors are your must-have items.

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Automatic Doors

Suitable for two way traffic - associated whit safety beam-sensors and dual- acting motion - detecting sensors.

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Swing Doors

Suitable for one way traffic. can be associated whit Sensor activated on configuration or push buttons.

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Floading Doors

Suitable for narrow and small spaces. save more space - energy saving. available in 2

or 4 panel.

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Revolving Doors

Suitable for hotels and commercial buildings with heavy traffic - Aesthics - versatile -Fully Automated entrance control.

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Accessible Doors

It is the responsibility of organizations and public buildings to ensure that access throughout their building is convenient and efficient for everyone, that includes persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities use the same buildings as everyone else to conduct their work and activities, that is why it is beneficial to your organization to ensure they have easy automated access. At UTS Group we supply, install, maintain & repair handicap accessible doors to transform your accessibility points.

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Handicap Accessible Doors

Handicap Accessible Doors provide efficient and convenient access to disabled persons, while ensuring freedom of movement. A handicap accessible door is a door that automatically opens and closes to allow access through push buttons.

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Universal Washroom

It is an enclosed washroom with a toilet, sink and turning space to accommodate a wheeled mobility device. They can be accessed using a push-button, illuminated push button or tape switch, that makes it easy to enter and exit for everyone.

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Major Component Of Automatic Doors

Understand the major components of automatic doors to discover what your industry needs.

Automatic Door Opener/ Operator

An Auto Door Opener is a mechanism mounted above a door that allows the door to function on automation in a swing motion through a button or remote control.

Wave Button Door Openers

Wave button door openers provide you with an automatic door opener that is touchless and innovative. They eliminate the action of you having to touch surfaces like knobs, handles, or openers as you simply must wave your hand in front of the sensor to gain access to the building.

Push Button Door Openers

Push Button Door Openers work like a trigger to open an automatic door. They must be wired in properly and be connected to an outlet.

Code Compliance

A door with code compliance is essential as per the Government of Canada. As per the AODA standards, an automatic door should be used for the disabled people, to enhance assessiblity

Why Do You Need An Automatic Door?

Still wondering why an automatic door is important? Check out the benefits.


The automatic doors enable everyone including the disabled, elderly and children to enter without barriers.

Reduced Safety Threats

Automatic doors are well equipped with safety beam sensors that can prevent accidents due to misuse of doors.

Better Crowd Control

When there is a high volume of visitors, automatic doors can act as a tool for crowd control. Without pushing or pulling the door, visitors can leave without ease.

Hygiene Control

The touchless feature and the push button of automatic doors avoid the spread of viruses.