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Turnstiles Gates

Turnstiles Gates

Enhance and secure your building office, warehouses, factories, airports and other commercial properties with electronic turnstiles. A complete security solution that handles installation, maintenance, supply, integration, and customization. Unique security solution known for customizing barrier gate as per your business and industry need. With our expertise spanning more than a decade, we can provide best turnstile solutions in full height, waist height turnstiles, or optical turnstiles like 3 arm, motorized tripods, and tripod gates.

 Select From The Wide Range

Our products specializes as per the need of the industry. Select the correct one from the wide options available in Waist height turnstiles, Full Height turnstiles, Optical barrier gates and Automated Electronic Turnstiles.

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Waist Height Turnstiles

Allowing single person access at a time. good fit to manage large crowd of people. best used in the public access locations such ad them parks. stadiums, and fairs highly durable and economical.

Optical Turnstiles

Optical Turnstiles

Sensors to detect a person used with or without barriers at places like corporate lobbies, multi-tenant buildings. provides bi-dirctional access control giving a pleasing appearance if installed accurately.

Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles

Largest Version among all security Turnstiles. best suited for places, which demand high-level of security commonly used in military bases, distribution warehouses, nuclear and manufacturing facilities.

Automated Turnstiles

ADA/Automated Turnstiles

Also referred as hands free, touchless or automated turnstiles provides unhindered entry for people with disabilities using wheelchairs or walkers frequently paired with security turnstiles access control turnstile systems in buldings.

Types Of Authentication

This system is equivalent to hiring a security personnel for every critical access point in your building.

Counting Module

For recording the number of people, can be displayed tube or display screen, which can clear and set the upper limit of the count.

LED Instruction Module

Usually composed of an LED lattice or LED display screen, it is used to indicate the traffic state and direction of the turnstile gate

Control Module

It controls the gate switch, normally open, normally closed, and so on. For turnstile components, the control module is an important part.

Pedestrian Detection Module

It is utilised to determine how pedestrians are passing, whether they are are doing it correctly, also if they are blocking body's movement range.

Why Do You Need A Turnstile?

A standard method used by all organizations to manage crowds and give access to individuals are through turnstiles. Some major features why would one need to install a turnstile in an organisation can vary from one industry to another.

- Enhanced Security

It identifies and discourages unwanted intrusions.

- Visual Deterrent

Visually determine unseen threats.

Determine criminal and foreseen weapon carrier entering the premises

- Better Access Control

You can know your visitor thus agree or deny access

- Operational Flexibility

Improves facility operations.

Option to permit admission using barcodes, magnetic stripes, proximity cards (RFID/NFC), or biometrics


Industries We Serve Automated Security

Every industry is unique and special in its requirement for security and safety systems. Secure and enhance your business with a comprehensive, integrated automated security system. Here are the industries we serve to.

Commercial Building & Retail Shops

Factories & Warehouses

Hotels & Hospitality



Institution of Worship & Education

Construction Sites

Military & Police