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Intercom Installation

Commercial Access Control System

An intercom, or intercommunication device, helps you identify the person at the door through direct voice communication. Installing an intercom system improves communication while maintaining proper security standards. The installation process is as simple as it is cost-friendly. Suitable for offices, commercial premises, and residential buildings, intercoms have many uses and come in different types. Our team of experts is ready to assist you for you to make the right choice.

Intercoms come in two basic types: Hardwired and Wireless.
If you choose to install a hardwired intercom system, it is best to do so during the construction phase. Although wireless systems seem to have taken over in the past decade due to their competitive prices, hardwired systems remain highly reliable and interference-free.


There Are Different Uses For Intercom Systems:

  • Automatic gate entry intercom systems offer the same basic features as regular intercoms, plus the ability to lock and unlock gates and doors remotely.
  • Doorbell intercom systems are a good access control solution for residential buildings since they can go from a simple single unit intercom to a complex system with several tenants.

Features Of Intercom Systems

Intercom Phones

Access Control System Integration

Wifi / Wireless

Visitor Management Integration

Increased Security - Virtual Key, Pins And Passwords

Multi Language

Types Of Intercom Systems

Let’s quickly go through some types of the intecom systems provided by us for integration in your residential and commercial premises

Modernize Your Buildings

Canada’s infrastructure is developing by the minute. With intercom systems, your building becomes a bit more modern and in line with modern technology,  therefore offering more advanced means of communication with visitors.

Improved Security​

Intercom systems help improve the security of your building as you become aware of
who is trying to visit the buildings. You can not only hear audio of who the visitor is, but
video as well for many intercom systems.

Maintain Visitors Record

Many of our intercom systems have memory storage which helps you keep track of visits. These records can be used for future reference, to know who visited while the building was closed, or just to simply keep track of visitor traffic to your building.


If a visitor needs to meet someone, in particular, the call can be re-routed to that person. IP video intercom systems can also be automated so that if someone does not pick up the call in a certain amount of time, it will automatically be switched down or re-routed to someone else.

Remote Monitoring

Internal wireless intercom systems secure your business more effectively. You can get a quick call about any potential security issues if someone is monitoring your cameras remotely. You can also use them to communicate with your employees in such situations for extra security.

Control Access To Certain Area

You can allow or deny access through commercial intercom entry systems. Only authorized employees can get into the specific areas. When someone else needs to enter a particular area, they request permission via the intercom. They can be used to restrict access to your business.