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Security Portal

security portal

Businesses around the world have opted for sophisticated security solutions in order to protect their assets. You can purchase your security portals today at Beyk Automatic Door. We provide, install, and repair everything related to security systems all over the Greater Toronto Area – Canada.


A security portal, commonly called a mantrap, is an access control vestibule equipped with two sets of interlocking doors. It is usually placed on the main entrance of business buildings serving as a security zone. An automatic security portal authorizes physical access only through proper identification. Portals integrated with a stereoVision system can determine the number of individuals in the vestibule for extra security measures. In case of breach, alarm sensors are activated and the intruder is temporarily trapped inside the vestibule for further investigation.


How Do Security Portals Operate?

First Passage

The first set of interlocking doors opens and grants passage into the vestibule


The visitor must authenticate their identity to the reader.

Access Door

The second set of interlocking doors opens allowing access inside the building


The Different Types Of Authentication

  • Key fobs

  • Proximity cards

  • PIN codes

  • Biometrics

Benefits Of Installing Security Portals

With a large number of employees and visitors, safety is compromised. Therefore, security portals for commercial and business premises proved to be necessary.

  • Heightened security

  • Access based on any desired classification

  • Portals made of top-grade, heavy-duty materials (ex: bulletproof glass)

  • Elegant portals with innovative designs

  • Can be customized to fit many requirements

  • Low maintenance

  • Emergency lock and unlock

  • Recorded entries

  • Metal detection options for concealed weapons

Industries We Serve Automated Security

Every industry is unique and special in its requirement for security and safety systems. Secure and enhance your business with a comprehensive, integrated automated security system. Here are the industries we serve to.

Commercial Building & Retail Shops

Factories & Warehouses

Hotels & Hospitality



Institution of Worship & Education

Construction Sites

Military & Police