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Sliding Doors

Commercial Access Control System

Automatic Sliding doors have now become an industry standard and Beyk Automatic Door specializes in supplying, installing and maintaining the highest quality sliding doors in the market. Our self-regulating sliding door panel glide smoothly past the other door panel leaving a lasting impression on the visitors. Aesthetically pleasing glass doors give your entrance a magnificent finish and the option of our low energy doors save you a great deal of money. We also offer a wide array of automatic door solutions such as folding doors, Bi-folding doors, Telescope doors and much more to cater to our client requirements.


What Are Automatic Sliding Doors?

An Automatic Sliding Door grants hands-free access to its user. It mechanically slides in parallel to the wall whenever a pedestrian is standing in its vicinity. After a designated period of time, usually not less than 5 seconds, the door slides back again to its closed position.

How Do Automatic Sliding Doors Work?

The device allowing the door to open automatically is called the operator or controller. It is usually placed above the door. Optical or motion detection sensors send signals to the operator in order to initiate the sliding action. The sensors, however, function only if a pedestrian is standing in the device’s activation area.

Commercial Usage

Storefront doors

Disabled access doors

Office doors

Elevator doors

Hospital doors


Residential Usage

Pet doors

Patio doors

Pocket doors

Modern barn style doors

Closet doors

Pantry doors

Advantages Of Sliding Doors

Maintain Inside Temperature

Specially designed slider glass doors fitted with insulation material lets the doors maintain an ideal temperature inside keeping the dust and dirt out of the office at the same time.

Access Natural Light

Advantages of natural light are many, don’t get deprived of it by hiding behind the traditional doors. Integration slider glass doors enable you to have an access to the natural sunlight.

Added Safety Layer

Shatterproof safety glass acts as a safety shield between you and the intruders. These doors are much more safer than the traditional doors.

Style Statement

Contemporary lifestyle demands you to update your interior to enhance the aesthetic value of your complex. Slider doors are considered to be a style statement nowadays. Installing one will instantly make your building look elegant.

Manage Space Well

Slider doors don’t need space to open as was in case of traditional doors. Now you can open your doors without having to move stuff away from the doors.

Monitor Visitors

Sliding doors make it easy to keep an eye on who comes and goes because of their big glass panels. They are useful for businesses and homeowners who want to monitor visitors. 

Sound Barrier

The insulating material used in building these doors act as a sound barrier and thus keeps your conversations private.)

Easy To Use

You don’t need to push these doors aside to enter or leave the building which makes them a lot more convenient to use than the traditional doors with handles and doorknobs.