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Visitor Management System

Commercial Access Control System

The world has moved beyond the traditional pen and paper visitor sign-in sheets. Here at Beyk Automatic Door, we pride ourselves moving away from the traditional and adapting more efficient systems for you. We supply, install and maintain visitor management systems for different business premises including government buildings, residential properties and enterprises. 


What Are Visitor Management Systems?

Visitor Management Systems help electronically monitor visitor or employee records and additional information as required. This helps in keeping track of visitor records in a more efficient and accurate manner. Not only that, but these records can be stored in databases for future reference. 

These are exceptionally helpful for maintaining security and tracking the flow of traffic on your property.

Why Move To A Visitor Management System?

Visitor Management Systems are the next big step towards an advanced and efficient security system for your building. At Beyk Automatic Door, we supply, install, and maintain products related to Visitor Management Systems for various industries. The quality of our services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario.

More Professional Experience

Visitor Management Systems provide your visitors with a more advanced sign-in process in terms of technology while still maintaining the simplicity of the traditional sign-in sheets.

Better Security 

Visitor Management Systems Provide your Building with better security  as you can keep better track of who is entering your building and when.

Less Hasle

after installing visitor management system, you no longer need to worry about designing and printing sign-in sheets or any other documents.

Efficiency is key

if the sign-in procedure required fotr your building is more than just simply signing-in, visitor management systems will help your needs.

Key Features Of Visitor Management Systems

Simple Sign-in Process Makes Signing in Fast

Digital Visitor Logs to Keep Track of Visitors on a Daily Basis

Easy to Install and Integrate on Existing Computers or Tablets

Can Add Digital Legal Documents for Visitors to Sign if Needed

Photo Capturing of Visitors if Required

Automated Notifications for the Host

Badge Printing if Required

Set-up Watchlists for Unwanted Visitors