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Master Key System

Commercial Access Control System

Master key systems provide different levels of access depending upon the type of key. Master key systems are implemented using levels of security;

  • The top-level key is given access to all locks within the premises

  • The second level gives access to some specific doors

  • The third level gives access to only specific room doors.


In a commercial working space, there is always employee coming and leaving the company, there are guests who can forget to return keys, a master can be lost or a previous vendor may have a master key. Such scenarios are a security risk and can lead to a security breach. Our professional locksmiths can help you get hold of your security scenario, we can set up the new master key system, reset the old system and ensure you have full control of your security system.

Master keys work on components within the lock mechanism called Master wafers or spacers. These wafers are responsible for the working of locks within the master key system, removing wafer will ensure that all old master keys stop working. It may look like a simple task but it requires precision and patience and hence it is best left to our experts.cts the access of unwanted people.

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