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Keyless entry Systems

The traditional lock and key security system have become ancient history in today’s rapidly evolving security industry. One of the most significant innovations in the industry is the Keyless Access Control Systems. Here at Beyk Automatic Door, we pride ourselves on moving away from the traditional and adapting more efficient and advanced systems for you.


For Businesses, the types of Keyless Entry Systems we offer are:

  • Keyless Door Locks
  • Proximity Key Cards
  • Key Fobs
  • Mobile/Cloud-Based Access Control
  • Biometric Access Control

 Select From The Wide Range

Our commercial door access control systems specialize as per the need of every industry. Select the correct one from the wide options available in the Mandatory Access Control, Discretionary Access Control, Role-Based Access Control, Rule-based Access Control.

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Key fob Entry System

We Customaize your experience to suit your specific needs. these fob systems can be installed everywhere  from small offiices to large manufacturing  plants, to deliver total security solutions for your commercial pernises. 

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Proximity  Key Cards

The system efficiently  monitors  and controls employees' physical access into  one or more designated areas. every entry or attemped entry is recorded and compiled  into a report.  all it takes  is to swipe the smart card  while facing the key scan reader in order to intiate door access.

biometric entry system

Biometric Entry System

Every human being presents a set of physical, chemical, and behavior attributes that makes them unique. Biometric technology aims at identifying those specific charachteristics and measuring them  for several purposes, including access control.

How To Choose The Best Keyless Entry System For You:

Choosing the right keyless entry system all depends on your requirement.

  • Keyless door locks are usually used on a smaller scale for homes.
  • Key Cards are used on a larger scale where the building has numerous residents, like University Campuses, large Apartment Buildings, Hotels, etc.
  • Key Fobs are used interchangeably with key cards. Both have the same functions. It is a preference to go for either a card or fob.
  • Cloud-Based Access Control can benefit larger apartments and hotels as well, as it helps centralize access control and makes the process more efficient
  • Biometric Access Control can be used in industries, warehouses, casinos, etc.

Keyless Entry Systems take access control to the next step. They provide both efficient and consistent security. At Beyk Automatic Door, we supply, install, and maintain products related to Keyless Entry Systems for various industries. The quality of our services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario.

Benefits Of Keyless Entry Systems:

There are several advantages of adopting the keyless entry system instead of traditional keys. Among them, we can highlight safety, convenience, cost reduction, design, and integration with access control systems.


This model can quickly adapt to your commercial or residential building needs due to the different types of access devices. You can choose more restricted access control as well as open a door using a wave button.


We have several types of devices that, in addition to passing all the security necessary to your establishment, still adds to the place a touch of bold high-tech design.


Through the access control system, it is possible to restrict access to certain rooms, maintain access reports for people, give or withdraw access quickly through the management system and prevent people from copying the entrance key of your office or residential building.

Save Money

For companies with a large number of employees or who have a very high turnover, entry through the keyless system helps to reduce the costs of re-keying mechanical locks.