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Barrier Free Washroom

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What Are Barrier Free Washrooms?

Barrier-free washrooms are enclosed toilets that avoid restrictions and give turning space to accommodate a wheeled mobility device. A barrier-free washroom offers privacy and dignity to people with a disability including the ones who require assistance. Not only for the disabled, but it is also suitable for families with small children because they can take care of their kids at once in a larger washroom. If your business is in Ontario, you should comply with AODA and follow the new guidelines. Barrier-free toilets have to be included for every three floors and one universal washroom in all single-storey buildings. Other provinces like British Columbia, are also working towards for improving accessibility and inclusiveness. A barrier-free washroom will be a necessity in the future.


Composition Of Barrier-Free Washroom

Grab Bars – That enables users to fold up or down

Automatic Door Hardware – That allows the user to open the door, enter the bathroom and allow the door to close behind them

An Emergency Button – To ask for help or assistance

Install Barrier Free Washroom In Canada

We supply and install barrier-free washrooms that accommodate people with disabilities or injuries to create a better society.

Up till 2022, there are more than 6.2 million people who have at least one disability in Canada. To create an all-inclusive and accessible country, different provinces including Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have given out accessible design building codes requirements (OBC) for newly constructed buildings to follow. For Ontario, it is required that the barrier-free washroom should be included in every building by 2025 according to The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).


Why Do We Need A Barrier-Free Or Universal Toilet?

Ontario’s Building Code (OBC) addresses new construction, renovations, and change of use or demolition of a building. The Building Code has been in place since 1975 and sets minimum standards for construction in Ontario. These requirements have been effective from January 1, 2015 and have been applied only to new construction or extensive renovations.


The Building Code already requires barrier‐free washrooms to be provided in public areas of buildings where barrier-free requirements apply. Updated requirements are intended to enhance accessibility and reflect new research on the dimensions needed to accommodate people with disabilities.

Advantages Of Barrier-Free Washroom

  1. Prevent the spread of viruses: With the automatic door hardware, users do not need to manually open and close the door. The touchless button can help reduce the spread of germs by reducing indirect contact.

  2. Create an inclusive environment: We provide barrier-free toilets that accommodate everyone without restrictions and boundaries. Whether your employees or customers can have a comfortable environment.

  3. Provide comprehensive emergency support: The emergency systems help alert people outside the bathroom and people in need can get assistance immediately.

Difference Between Barrier Free And Universal Washrooms

Barrier Free Washroom

  • A washroom that is equipped for more than one stool.

  • There is no barrier like doors to enter the washroom.

  • These washrooms can be used by more than one person at a time.

  • They can be gender-neutral or gender-specific washrooms.

  • Usually set up in malls, restaurants, metro stations and other public places

Universal Washroom

  • It comprises 1 stool, an emergency button and a sink.

  • An emergency button that can allow people to enter in case of emergency

  • Usually only one person is permitted at a time, but it is available for family access and people who need care or are disabled.

  • They usually are not gender specific.

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